Thank you for visiting us on the web! Interstate Commercial Glass & Door, Inc. is a glass and glazing subcontractor servicing primarily Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. We were incorporated over 18 years ago in 1988 with a mission of being the highest qualified and safest company in the area with an emphasis on using the latest technology to continually exceed the standards of the industry at large. Through safety training, membership in a local safety council and involvement in the Ohio BWC we take steps every day to maintaining a safe workforce.

In order to keep our field team at the top our office has to be two steps ahead of the game. We are constantly looking to new methods and technological advances that help our team members both field and office work more efficiently. Through industry connections, literature and classes we keep informed on the behind the scenes items that keep us running smoothly. With the daily changes occurring in our world, there are a million things we do to stay at the forefront of the construction industry. In the words of Stephen Covey, ” Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.” One of these circumstances cannot exist without the other and we are content only when we have both working together seamlessly.

The majority of our work is contracted for schools, hospitals, office buildings, strip shops and other new builds, however, we also do remodels/renovations, design/builds and what we like to call commercial-residential or commercial applications in residential settings. Our estimating and design team will take the time to sit down with you and figure out how we can build the picture in your minds eye. Please call us or email us for an estimate or to add us to your bidder’s list, see ‘Contact Us’.

Some of our typical applications include but are not limited too…

  • Storefront
  • Curtainwall
  • Ribbon Window
  • Skylights
  • Entrances
  • Automatics (ADA, handicapped, sliding doors)
  • Transoms
  • Sidelites
  • Mirrors
  • Translucent Panels
  • Composite Panels

We DO NOT do…

  • Automotive